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Legal way to mine and earn decent bitcoin to your wallet. Very effective with instant withdrawal system. Do not buy this mining software from any website or social media pages. Its 100% free premium software for all windows desktop users. Our website was generated from thats why our website ends with .info. There is a duplicate website of ours selling our hacking tools whiles we give it our for free. If you come across any website like that kindly go our community page and share it for the world to know. We will soon update version of this mining software and other platforms like Mac, Linux and Android

- William R. Wells

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Why Blockchain Miner Pro

Wants total control on your bitcoin and mines over 2.0 BTC to your wallet? Blockchain Miner Pro is here for you. This software allows every user with a good PC processor mines bitcoin faster than others.

The mining software mines only Bitcoin through out We will release other currency soon. You can also suggest on our community page on which currency you think will be suitable to mine on windows.

Earn high rate of bitcoin with our bitcoin mining software. We the developers don't earn from your mining but rather mines from the software ourselves.

This software is a windows desktop use only. Android and iOS version will soon be release.

Learn how to use the mining software before you install it on your PC


Am the admin of Blockchain Miner Pro and want to advice each and every users about a scam website selling our tools out there an claiming he has the premium version. Do not buy any free mining software from and is a (SCAM) Our website is linked to the thats why our domain always remains (REAL) I don't want no one should fall into this scam. and one more thing WE DON'T HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE, WE SHARE WITH THE LEGIT BLOCKCHAIN.INFO FACEBOOK PAGE. Any page you see on facebook with our name of mining software its a BIG SCAM